Manpower Services

The Horizon Development Group has experience in and can offer all the below services:

  • Screening and selection of qualified candidates from existing personnel datafiles
  • Interviewing selected candidates, before scheduling interviews with clients
  • Negotiating employment contracts
  • Hiring and deployment (seconding) to clients
  • Replacement in case of client dissatisfaction
  • Payroll administration
  • Company culture familiarisation
  • Training (soft skills and technical oil & gas)
  • Settlement of labour, tax and Social Security disputes

The Horizon Development Group develops specialized training programs for oil companies as a policy to enhance efficiency and elevate performance. The training services include:

  • Provision of Group Training Plans for major oil and gas projects
  • Developing training programs based on client’s needs
  • Deploying specialists and experienced trainers and instructors
  • Offering programs in the UAE, European countries or on-site
  • Organizing travel, lodging and venue for training, where abroad
  • Incentive programs for the trainees
  • Certification (as required by client)

For applicants interested in submitting their CVs , please visit our human resources page: